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The Green Energy Act

Ontario's Green Energy Act is acclaimed as the most progressive energy legislation in North America designed to stimulate Ontario's economy while rebuilding the provinces antiquated grid and generation capacity. It is also the province's most important effort to address climate change, designed to cut greenhouse gases by replacing electricity generated by dirty coal-fired power plants with renewable energy. One of the most unique aspects of The Green Energy Act is its provisions that encourage and help communities to be part of the solution by generating clean electricity from the wind, water and sun on the roofs of their homes, churches, and public buildings and in farmers' fields, First Nations territories and our own backyards.

Passed in 2009, the Green Energy Act has been an overwhelming success, bringing billions of dollars of investment, creating tens of thousands of jobs and attracting many more than ever anticipated participants - from farmers and homeowners who want to install a small solar system on the roof of their barn or house, to huge international technology companies coming to set up shop.

The legislation has its critics who unfairly blame it for rising hydro bills. The legislation has become a hot issue in the upcoming provincial elections, with threats to revoke it. Currently, OSEA actively defends the legislation for which it campaigned so hard and is working with all political parties and interested stakeholders to improve the legislation, fixing the kinks and improving on what works.

For information on the Green Energy and Green Economy Act visit: http://www.mei.gov.on.ca/en/energy/gea/

For information about Ontario's Feed-in Tariff program visit: http://fit.powerauthority.on.ca/

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