WattsNEXT? Contest: Mapping a sustainable future for Ontario



Ontario has fast become the North American leader in renewable energy and conservation. Across the province, windmills and solar panels are being installed in farmers' fields, in First Nations and on the roofs of homes, schools, churches and factories. Businesses large and small, and ordinary Ontarians are conserving energy, increasing our competitiveness and creating jobs. This success is due to the Green Energy Act and its feed-in tariff programs, which have motivated thousands of the people across Ontario to become conservers and power producers and attracted billions of dollars of investment in manufacturing.

Despite this success, the legislation faces stiff opposition as the province gears up for a fall election. Grassroots public support is vital if the Green Energy Act is going to survive intact. Your financial help is essential. Consider your donation an investment in the future of your community and the planet. Your help is urgently needed.

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