WattsNEXT? Contest: Mapping a sustainable future for Ontario


Map Ontario's Projects

Across Ontario individuals, communities and companies are helping to transform our energy system cleaning up our air and creating new jobs. Tell us about a renewable energy or conservation project in your community! Maybe your school or community centre is installing a solar system on the roof or doing an energy retrofit. Perhaps a local farmer has leased his land for a wind farm. Maybe your son or daughter is working at a manufacturing facility producing renewable energy tech. Check it out and tell us about it. We will put the project on the map! Also, your will receive 5 ballots in the next bi-weekly draw to win great prizes.

See the power building.
Tell us about a green energy project in your community.

Contest is now closed but we still want to paint a picture of Ontario's green energy revolution so please add your project to the map!

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Please fill in as much information as you have. The more you supply, the sooner we'll be able to add it to the map!

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