WattsNEXT? Contest: Mapping a sustainable future for Ontario


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For media inquiries please contact us at info@ontario-sea.org or give us a ring at 416-977-4441 x 5207

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
156 Front Street West, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2L6

For over a decade the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association has been helping communities generate renewable energy, offering know-how, providing funds and advocating supportive government policies. Based on the experience of erecting the now iconic windmill at Exhibition Place in Toronto, OSEA was formed to pass on its pioneering lessons and pave the way for more locally owned renewable power. Since its inception, the organization has played an important role in transforming the electricity system to enable small green energy generators to sell their power. Our greatest success is the Green Energy Act, for which OSEA campaigned vigorously, leading an alliance of environmentalists, farmers, First Nations and unions.

OSEA continues to voice the concerns of our members advocating improvements to policies and regulations that support community and commercial sustainable energy in Ontario. At the local level, OSEA assists community groups become green energy producers, helping them develop project proposals, find funding and prepare plans. We host regular online seminars on a wide-range of pertinent and practical topics, make presentations and conduct workshops. OSEA's wide network of members and associates bridges the community and the commercial sector, forging partnerships that allow everyone to enjoy the financial as well as the environmental and health benefits of renewable energy.

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